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Reserve The Original La Bella's Private Banquet Area for 75 Guests Our Open Venue at La Bella Café & Games
With the Expected Reopening in July 2021 where you Can Reserve for 10 Guests with No Cover Fee
Include Preferred Venue & Time of your event, # of Guests & Any Special Requirements.
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This Upstairs TV Room is Handicapped Accessible

Original La Bella's Private Banquet Hall w/Covid Occupancy Rules in Place

The TV & Parallel Room for 50 Guests the Cover fee is $75 on Weekdays, $100. Friday-Sunday, For Exclusive Use of Entire Upstairs for 75 Guests is $100 Weekdays $150 on Weekends, Cover Fee is Refundable with a La Bella Bucks Gift Card 10 Days Prior to Event. To Place or Confirm Reservation, Call La Bella's 619-426-8820

A Banquet Room with View of Third Avenue

Reserve with a $50 Cover Fee Weeknights or $75 Friday-Sunday

Banquet Room with Third Avenue View

La Bella Café Reopening in August

Gift Card! Buy $50 Gift Card Online & Get a Free $10 Game Card & Gift Card for Mama Cannoli's