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Our Latest Reviews

O2l 3 months ago

Toasty Cheese Raviolis

Super tasty and original

Joshuaclark39 5 months ago

Papa's Favorite

This has been my families favorite place to eat since I was a kid. I live in Nebraska now but this is still the top place I eat when I'm in town. Still amazing. We are in town for my Dad's funeral and this brought back so many memories from when I was a kid. The games area was perfect to keep my kids entertained and make new memories for them. Thank you for the awesome experience.

Sandiego92jag 5 months ago

Papa's Favorite

Been coming here since before I could walk ! My whole family comes for every occasion and now I get to bring my kids and share the tradition. Food is ALWAYS amazing and the service is awesome ! There's no greater pizza than La Bella's .... we drive from East County just for Papa's favorite and the wings !

Isabellahampsten92 5 months ago

Fettuccini Alfredo

Delicious! 😋 My favorite pasta dish from La Bella's!

Ejpolley 6 months ago

Fettuccini Alfredo Or Penne With Pesto

We ordered this catering tray and had it delivered for a party at our house. It was outstanding. As hostess, I didn't get to make my plate until late into the party. I said Wow! when I took a bite - it was great even an hour or so after it was delivered.

Ajzampardo6903 6 months ago

Italian Meat Pizza

This pizza is the best in town. I am 54 years old and The whole family has been taking care of my family, my friends and all of Chula Vista for many many years. Also I am a Sicilian/Mexican That love to cook and eat. My family and I don't get full. The pizza's here and the rest of the menu has not faltered nor has it disappoint! Thanks you La Bella's Chula Vista Ca . 3rd Ave. Sincerely, your friend too . Aj Zampardo!!

Scorpiocramirez 7 months ago

Original Lasagna

I had lasagnas in many different restaurants and I haven't tasted a really delicious lasagna like La Bella's. Its my all-time favorite for over 30yrs. and still its my number one favorite.

Vher3 7 months ago

Papa's Family Style

Love this place especially the family meal options!!!!

Larells 7 months ago

Meatball Sandwich

We love this sandwich with cheese on top. The bread is always fresh, the meatballs are huge and the sauce is just on in the right amount to not make the bread soggy. We love LaBella's!!!!

Anaspev 7 months ago

Cheese Pizza (Mozzarella)

Our family thinks La Bella's pizza is best in San Diego county- and that's saying slit! Great cheese, love the Italian sausage, perfect sauce, and tasty, chewy crust! Thankfully we only live a few blocks away from you! :-)

Katierubio 8 months ago

Antipasto Salad

Awesome salad

Mjmendoza1002 8 months ago

BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza

La Bella's Cafe was a great place to have a party for both young and old. I have had an adult party all the way to kids soccer parties. I cannot point out a specific dish that I would review, only because we have never been let down with anything. If you are looking to enjoy some pizza or pasta or beer, you should give them try.

Studionova001 8 months ago

Antipasto Salad

The Best!

Y 8 months ago

"Red-Hot" Boneless Wings

I love the service and food

Ghurka 8 months ago

Hot Pastrami Sandwich

I love this sandwich!

Timewastingnotwasted 8 months ago

Fettuccini Alfredo

I eat out here as often as possible amazing food and great prices

Timewastingnotwasted 8 months ago

Chicken Parmesan

The food here is not only affordable the food is so amazing.

Damberina 8 months ago

Eggplant Parmesan

I have happily been a customer here since 1988. That says a lot about this restaurant! I keep coming back and have ordered most of the menu items over these many years. If I had to choose just one favorite, I can say the good quality and consistency of their recipe for Eggplant Parmesan, from their traditional main menu, has been excellent. So delicious! It literally melts in your mouth because they don't overcook the eggplant, which could be rubbery/chewy if overdone. Here at LaBellas it always is served consistent in the tenderness and delicious flavors. I have enjoyed this dish many many times and yes, it's my favorite. In fact I'm ordering it tonight with 2 yummy meatballs on the side! Thanks LaBellas's for all the wonderful meals and family dinners I have eaten in and taken to go over the years. You're my must "go to place" for Italian food!

Claudiagonz22 8 months ago

Original Buffalo Wings

I have been coming to La Bella's with my family for years. My family has celebrated many birthdays there and we will continue doing so for many years to come. We keep coming back because of the delicious food and fun atmosphere. It is a large restaurant, but it has a family feel to it which is part of it's charm. The pizza is of course, amazing! But, so are their buffalo wings and spaghetti and lasagna and oh, so is their breakfast! It's all good.....just try it! You'll see.

Info 9 months ago

Cheese Pizza (Mozzarella)

Best pizza on the West Coast. Been coming here for 35 years. Tastes as great as it did 35 years ago, they stay true to their recipe and you can count on consistency. Just great every single time!

Zeus6498 5 months ago

Roast Beef Or Turkey Torpedo

Have tried other places but this is the best!! But once I tried the meatloaf on a Friday special and eas very good also, congratulations 👍

Julieplasencia 5 months ago

Cheese Pizza (Mozzarella)

I love Bella's never have I gone to a place where there's great customer service and kind staff very helpful very very good pizza and pasta and salad and everything!!! Thank you Bella's

Cornbio 5 months ago

Original Lasagna

Very good dish. I order this all the time. Great bubbling hot portion complimented well with the garlic bread. Add on the side meatball! The tangy crushed tomato sauce is vibrant.

Veronicavonk 5 months ago

Shrimp Scampi W/ Linguini

The pasta was cooked perfectly and the 🍤 was large and plentiful. The sauce was so creamy and you could really taste the wine and lemon and garlic. Such a Super combination and it's our new must have FAVORITE 👍

El 6 months ago

Cheese Pizza (Mozzarella)

Been going their for more than 20 years and the food taste the same so delicious!!. The cheese for the pizza is so good verry tasty. The wings Omg.. Will recommend la bella pizza all the time.

Selena 6 months ago

One Topping

I came to visit my boyfriend and he had me try the pepperoni pizza and let me just say!! It was one of the best pizzas Ive ever had. I'm from Chicago and this pizza is as great as Chicago's thin crust pizzas...maybe even better!!! I ate it every single night I've been here and I will again tonight!

Jenntorres311 7 months ago

Cheese Pizza (Mozzarella)

My family loves to come here. The food is delicious, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is fun! We pick a new dish to try each visit and haven't had a dud yet, but the cheese pizza is always a go-to!

Patrickeallen 7 months ago

Papa's Favorite

Because you have raised your prices for delivery from $3.50 to $5.50 in the 91911 zip code area you have lost a customer who has been your customer for almost 30 years. My wife and I have been eating in your restaurant for almost 30 years. We are both disabled and have trouble waking so it was worth it for us to order your pizzas for dinner and then have them delivered. When I called your restaurant to file a complaint they acted like they did not care. Told me to call that when I wanted to get a pizza I should come get it to save the delivery fee. Because of that attitude I will never come to your restaurant and or ever order a pizza or anything again. We have been customers since we moved to our condo in Chula Vista and my wife purchased pizzas for the children in her class room at Chula Vista Elementary School.

Ljksrk 7 months ago

Antipasto Salad

Every time my friends and I have lunch at La Bella's, we always order the large Antipasto Salad to share. For all of us it is are favorite Antipasto that we have ever had at any pizza place. We shared one today when we were there.

Mizzsantana32 7 months ago

Chicken Wings (32)

The best fresh crispy chicken wings so good you can eat them plain fresh an hot !! But once you put the buffalo sauce it's magic an can't stop!! Best wings the pizza is the best to hidden pepperonis under the cheese!!

Devilegs 8 months ago

Spaghetti Or Penne

This is a great place to hold an event/gathering. Their catering menu is perfect because there's something for everyone. And the food is delicious.

Thedean97 8 months ago

Two Topping Calzone

The best and largest Calzone I have been eating here for over 30 years!! I moved away a few years ago and Still drive over 1 hour to come here!!!

Jenchoeun1 8 months ago

"Miss Kitty" Western Bacon Cheese Burger

I love about everything here you name it my favorite dish is the Miss Kitty Bacon Cheeseburger and oh my you can't get any tasty burger like this anywhere. Everything here is just so good mostly there pizza and salads are just so delicious that I can't have enough coming here!!! La Bella You Rock!!!!

Tellomar 8 months ago

Papa's Favorite French Bread Pizza

Good place to reunite with family. 25 Oz. Beers on tap. Good hot pizza. And great personnel. They all friendly. Great place! Good job!

Ghurka 8 months ago

Mexican Style Pizza

Had this and thought it would be okay. First bite in, I felt like I was right. Second bite and I got to the chorizo, droool!!

Timewastingnotwasted 8 months ago

Two Topping

Love La Bellas not only have good affordable prices but the food is amazing

Perez 8 months ago

Papa's Favorite

Looking for a friendly family restaurant for great pizza? La Bellas in Chula Vista, Gotta have papa's Favorite!

Antoniocarpio619 8 months ago

Pizza Party

Had my daughter's 10 bday last Thursday night..awesome to walk right in after making my reservation for 20ppl with the open table app. Server Rajic and Manager on duty were delivering service with a smile and very attentive to our needs..everyone left happy..we ordered 4 family specials..the wings and potato skins were the best I've had and the Pizza has to be the best in SD..always fresh and top quality .thanks La Bella's..we will see u again soon

Ratmanz18 9 months ago

Original Lasagna

This is the best Lasagna I've ever eaten and I have tried many. Garfield has nothing on me! The Garlic Bread SO GOOD! I could go on and on. Papa Tony is my Hero!!!

Mrslrz777 9 months ago

Hot Pastrami Sandwich

I could order from anywhere now a days! All kind of special food deliveries. I consider myself a foodie. I have eaten at very high end Italian restaurants but I keep coming back to La Bella's! The tradition and authenticity is amazing! I have family that works at Fillipi's but still come back to La Bella's! The hot Pastrami with provolone is amazing! Wings are best in the city! Pizza is a classic unbeatable choice! La Bellas is a hidden gem!!!